Bathroom Upgrade

Bathrooms represent one of the most popular remodeling projects in the United States — possibly because they’re a proven way to increase the value of a home before selling it.

Modern designs

Many homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms simply because they want to enjoy more comfortable and attractive surroundings. Whatever the situation, our professionals can help you. We offer complete luxury bathroom remodeling, including support for the following projects:

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Design meets innovation

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ThoughtFul Enjoyable Living

When designing your bathroom layout is important. Organize the space to maximize natural lighting, increase the appearance of depth, and even change the colors to your liking. Next cabinets and counter tops. The places where you put bathroom products need to be clean-looking, functional and tasteful. Our Italian products and modern sensibilities will result in gorgeous and practical bathroom storage.

Recent Projects

Effortless Spa Bathrooms

Plumbing fixtures add focal points. Turn your bath into the centerpiece of your bathroom, upgrade your hand basin, or put a unique spin on your toilet.
Yes of course flooring is essential. Watch where you step — literally.

Bathroom Refresh

We’ll transform your bathroom floor into a surface you’ll love walking on whenever you enter the room.

Lauderdale By The Sea Home Remodeling

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